PwC Cybersecurity Day


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08:30 - 09:00

Welcome and registration

09:00 - 09:10

Introduction and welcome words
Guy-Philippe Goldstein - Senior Analyst, Wikistrat - TEDx Speaker
Vincent Villers - Cybersecurity Leader, PwC Luxembourg

09:10 - 09:30

Shaping European responses to evolving cyber threats
Philippe Vannier - Chairman, European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO)

09:30 - 09:50

The Luxembourg digital economy: how does CyberSecurity fit?
Nicolas Buck - Chairman, FEDIL - The Voice of Luxembourg's Industry

09:50 - 10:10

Securing new digital platforms
Mourad Yesayan - Principal, Paladin Capital (Washington D.C.)

10:10 - 10:30

IoT Security: the challenge and the opportunity for creating trusted and actionable smart environments
Povilas Zinys - Product Portfolio Manager, Luxtrust
Robert Spicer - Chief Executive Officer, Member of the Board of Directors, vyzVoice

10:30 - 10:50


10:50 - 11:00

Jury presentation

Maxime Clementz - Ethical Hacker & Manager Cybersecurity, PwC Luxembourg
Graham Cluley - Security Analyst,
Guy-Philippe Goldstein - Senior Analyst, Wikistrat - TEDx Speaker
Rodolphe Mans - President, Collège des Professionnels de la Sécurité et de l'Information (CPSI)
Ken Pentimonti - Principal, Head of European Operations, Paladin Capital (London)
Manuel Silvoso - Chief Information Security Officer, Ministry of the Economy

11:00 - 12:40

Ten Cybersecurity next-generation companies on stage

12:40 - 14:30

Matchmaking lunch with next-gen Cybersecurity companies
Seize the opportunity to test the solutions during live demos!

14:30 - 15:30

Breakout sessions

1. The latest trends in cyberattacks: technology watch from PwC Lu's Ethical Hackers

This breakout session is aimed at updating you on the most significant and latest cyberattack trends that our team of Ethical Hackers has observed in the past year.
Both traditional and new media are increasing their coverage of cyberattacks, and the number of reported breaches and victims keeps increasing. Cybercrime is a real and fast-growing concern for companies across all industries, but the amount of available information has reached impractical levels. However, there is a lot to learn from these events.

Maxime Clementz - Ethical hacker & Manager Cybersecurity, PwC Luxembourg

2. Luxembourg IoT Security Challenge: protected IoT in practice

This workshop will focus on discussions around the status of IoT Security from a business and a technology perspective.
Luxtrust will introduce the Luxembourg IoT Security Challenge Event and let some of the teams present their IoT Business Cases, describing the business value and risks associated with their project as well as the security technology and measures implemented to protect against those risks.

Jean-Marc Verhaeghe - International Business Development, Luxtrust
Povilas Zinys - Product Portfolio Manager, Luxtrust

3. CyberSecurity for Critical Infrastructure - The challenges, framework and future trends

The purpose of the workshop will be to elaborate on the challenges organizations face when executing cyber security strategy and what are the recommended industry milestones in doing that.
Organizations need for globalization and digitalization expands and it is inevitable, it also carries with it cyber risks and threats, entities realize their responsibility to protect their assets and to maintain functional and business continuity alongside with privacy & confidentiality.
To confront Cyber threats, organizations are increasing their efforts in cyber defence, building resilience, continuously detecting & monitoring. Using and securing cyber-space requires strategizing and the ability to get ahead of the game and to address new threats.

Rami Efrati – Founder and President, Firmitas Cyber Solutions
Yanir Laubshtein - Director Global Cybersecurity Strategy & Transformation, PwC Israel

4. Web-based Talent Management - a personality-oriented approach to individual and organizational personal development

The aim of this workshop will be to try out the Talentview profile analysis and get your own feedback on this tool.
Since 2015 the European Institute for Knowledge and Value Management, Luxembourg (EIKV), has been involved in the evaluation and further development of the Talentview profile analysis. Web-based individual profiles as well as team- and organization-related profiles are now available for Luxembourg companies and institutions. The Talentview profile analysis supports organizations in recruiting, personnel development as well as in team building and organizational optimization. Based on an online questionnaire, a job profile / candidate profile is created reflecting the individual abilities, skills and potentials of candidates and existing employees to identify and develop talents as well as to develop teams, to strategically align them and to strengthen co-operation.

Farid Thomas Arbabi - General Manager, Talentview
Lucien André Reuter - Coordinator, Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition Lëtzebuerg (DSJC-L)

5. One-to-one meetings

Want to discover how the companies selected for the PwC Cybersecurity Day are shaping future trends? Curious about how they can bring value to your organisation? If you're interested in meeting some of the entrepreneurs presenting during the event, seize the opportunity during this hour to meet them and share experiences.

15:30 - 15:50


15:50 - 16:10

The Global State of Information Security® 2018 - Key findings
Vincent Villers - Cybersecurity Leader, PwC Luxembourg

16:10 - 16:55

Three IT security threats that should be keeping you awake at night
Graham Cluley - Security Analyst,

16:55 - 17:25

Cybersecurity in the 2020’s: new rules, new winners
Guy-Philippe Goldstein - Senior Analyst, Wikistrat - TEDx Speaker

17:25 - 17:45

Laurent Probst - Economic Development & Innovation Leader, PwC Luxembourg
Vincent Villers - Cybersecurity Leader, PwC Luxembourg

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