PwC Cybersecurity Day

PwC Cybersecurity Day

19 October 2017

Discover the latest key trends and proven next generation solutions in Cybersecurity

The PwC Cybersecurity Day will offer you a unique opportunity to gain insights from the latest global developments in cybersecurity. We will be welcoming distinguished speakers from all over the world, representing a rich panel of thought leaders. They will share the stage with fast growing technology companies, engaging in a pitch competition, that will present how they meet cybersecurity challenges with next-generation solutions.
The event will also cover the findings of the 2018 Global State of Information Security Survey, where we will discuss how it applies to relevant markets in Europe. You will also be able to participate in business matchmaking, join interactive breakout sessions and take part in a networking forum with your peers and industry leaders.
This year's PwC Cybersecurity Day will be held on 19 October 2017 at PwC Luxembourg's premises. Come and join us at this milestone event!

They will participate - What about you?

"PwC Cybersecurity Day's goal is to gather institutions, companies, experts and start - ups and stir discussions to fully understand the major international cybersecurity challenges and take advantage of the latest solutions in this field."

Vincent Villers, Cybersecurity Leader, PwC Luxembourg

"The PwC Cybersecurity Day is a great opportunity to meet all the actors of the Cyber Lux ecosystem - and also many of the international movers & shakers in the field, from Cybersecurity firms to VCs to thought-leaders."

Guy-Philippe Goldstein, Senior Analyst on the Cyberdesk, Wikistrat Contributor to Military & Strategic Affairs (INSS)

"Strong Digital Identifies and Attributes are essential to bring Trust to IoT systems and data flows, and to thereby further support innovation while ensuring cybersecurity and compliance."

Pascal Rogiest, CEO, LuxTrust

"Recent events prove that no CEOs can afford to ignore the issue of cybersecurity. Not taking an active interest in the IT security of your company risks putting your brand at risk, and could end up costing you millions of dollars. Don't take chances with your company's future, attend the PwC Cybersecurity Day and get informed."

Graham Cluley, CEO, Security Analyst,

"The European Cyber Security Organization gathers all major cybersecurity stakeholders from industry, users and member states administrations. Sharing our views and information on trends and markets with attendees of the PwC Cybersecurity is a unique opportunity. And since being CyberSecure is a matter of quality of life, everyone should be concerned by these issues."

Philippe Vannier, Chairman, European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO)

"The PwC Cybersecurity Day is a critical gathering of security thought leaders and business executives. As there is no ‘silver bullet’ solution to the cyber problem, PwC has created an excellent, multi-faceted forum to drive a broad discussion of several necessary pieces, including technology innovation, best practices, and public-private partnerships."

Mourad Yesayan, Principal, Paladin Capital (Washington D.-C.)

"This event is a perfect opportunity to make CEOs understand that cybersecurity isn’t just an IT issue anymore, but a necessary board-level discussion."

Nicolas Buck, Chairman, FEDIL - The Voice of Luxembourg’s Industry

Date & Location


19 October 2017


PwC Luxembourg
2, rue Gerhard Mercator
L-2182 Luxembourg

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